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A M Hanson

artist photographer director


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“I make photos and videos, art works and installations, about the energies in encounters and spaces. Mirrored realities and miraged domains, situations of everyday extraordinary life. The off beat beauty of irregularities and disorder in structures. I make portraits, performative images, adverts, documents of the here and now. Views of morphing cities and countrysides. Glimpses of time and space and reimagined worlds. Dream scenes and scenarios. Fragments of this age and prisms to the future.”

Unique vision of avant garde pop imagination. 

Bold and poetic imagery. Original, vibrant eye catching aesthetic. Perceptive, detailed story telling and concepts across art projects, portraiture, production and performance photo stories, editorial, news, documentary and advertising.

Eternally fresh outlook, insightful experience, dedicated planning and realisation of projects. A bright passion for image making.


Bio / CV

education: LCC UAL, Art & Design FDN, photography. UCA, BA Hons Fine Art, first class honours.

work in publications

portraits and photo stories of performers, artists, designers, writers and others published in magazines including Dance Theatre Journal, Gazelland (USA), GQ Style (SA), i-D, Time Out, Love Magazine, various digital features, including BBC News, in culture/scene/music press and across media ... with new material on the way ...

Work featured in art and fashion books and biographies including Alexander McQueen Fashion Visionary (Judith Watt, Goodman Books) & The Life and the Legacy (JW, Harper Design), Blood Beneath The Skin (Andrew Wilson, Simon & Schuster), Leigh Bowery (Robert Violette, various, Violette Editions), Leigh Bowery Verwandlungskünstler (ed. Angela Stief, various, Piet Meyer Verlag), Contemporary British Queer Performance (Stephen Greer, Palgrave Macmillan), We Love You (The Ambassadors, various, Booth Clibborn).

shows & prints 

work exhibited in the UK and internationally including at; Regent's Place London (solo show), Lubomirov/Angus-Hughes Gallery London, Galleria Uno Uno Milan, Rice+ Kyojima Tokyo, Leo Kesting Gallery New York, Limbo Arts Margate (solo show), Turf Projects Croydon, Pyramid Arts Centre Warrington, Residence Gallery London, Hackney Wicked Festival, t.a.g galleries Brussels, Power Lunches London, Brewery Tap project space Folkestone, The Centre of Attention London, Red Gallery London, Vexed Generation London (solo show), Elms Lesters Painting Rooms London, The Fine Art Society London, Herbert Read Gallery UCA Canterbury, LCC galleries, The Snowman 40 project, The People's Moon Apollo50th project, for 24London's European touring exhibits, for Satellite Festival at Whitstable Biennale, for Photo Month, East London Photography Festival, Meanwhile Co. NYC online, and others, digital displays and film screenings.

“Diverse and beautiful work.“ ~ Jack Fritscher, historian, publisher, writer and author of Mapplethorpe: Assault With a Deadly Camera.

“Robust, sensitive, dynamic concepts and work.” ~ Joan Key, artist and archive academic.

on early work “The photographs represent a crucial defining moment of London in the 1990s.” ~ Robert Violette, publisher, on A M Hanson’s photographs of performance artist and cultural icon Leigh Bowery’s last show.

on show work “Hanson’s practice focuses on the relationship between photography, performance and creative production. His most recent show work, explores how photography might in itself ‘perform’ creating new sites of activity by re-framing and interpolating fragments of the world.” ~ Limbo Arts on solo show A Distant, Darkened Lobby.

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This Dark Spring  (3min48, partial sound, poem, March - May 2020, London UK, A M Hanson) ... daydreaming in the park during #Covid19 era lockdown ... #shortfilm #videodiary #thisdarkspring   film + video

7 Jan 2020 ... PERIHELION* 🌞

Dawn. Golden Thing. Sun. THIS decade, you will test us the most. Of our days. Not your fault. Ours. You have been merciful.

... Are we awake enough yet? Can things be sharply, gigantically changed in, Time. Are we too caught up in mirrors to see, to know, enough. Will our lateness (to this decades old gathering of consciousness) be, too late. How long will our mercurial dance last with you ..?

... Our wings are smouldering. Thickly, sickly, as we fly. Closer to you. Blinded by the light. We forgot ourselves. We forgot EARTH. We forgot to love her when we speak her name. We washed her hair too hard. Dried out her skin. We poisoned her perfume. We made her a whore. She is our Mother.

... We are not bees. We know it. We are led by fools. We made them. We are fools. Our make up, cracked and drying, flakes away from our sides. We cannot shield our eyes, not any more. ... Vanity.

50 years I am here. 50 years since the last generation oiled tin cans, shot Apollo to the Moon. Icarus came back. We made it. We were ‘clever’, Lucky. We saw the Earth rise. We did not rise ourselves. Like a dream in black and white flickering into colour. A marker lost in time and space. We have known since ‘then’. At least. I sat and watched the softly yearning wishes from alert voices through the TV as a child. Warnings like raindrops. They said we must change. We were deaf to these pictures. They echoed as we echo, louder now.

... Distracted, still, we panic. We fight, we compete, we burn. OUT.

... Let your rays of wanton waves fire our souls to fury well matched by better hearts and speed. You have thrown down your flaming arrows, we recoiled but did not see, the scorched earth. You will throw down more. Have mercy on our madness.

... “The best is always yet to come” The worst?

... There is still LIGHT. Kiss your child. Ignite our Love.


*The Earth has just passed Perihelion. The closest point in it's orbit to the Sun.


image: via @nasasolarsystem “our Solar Dynamics Observatory captured this view yesterday (5 1 20). Meanwhile, the Parker Solar Probe is even closer. On Jan. 29 it will pass nearer to #theSun than any spacecraft before”

#perihelion #poem #amhanson

#climateaction #thetimeisnow #2020s