Susan Tripod. the auntie fame photo

My Guy Susan. studio display, 5th November 2012.

A Visit from Susan Tripod. installation, short film. tag galleries, Brussels 2009.

Susan Tripod

Susan's CV 

You’re Frozen (tripod, clothes, sound, lighting feature) Willes Road Shows, Kentish Town, London, 1997.  A Talk To The Tripod (tripod, electric fans, words) Lux Centre, London 1998.  Susan and Alex Shows (tripod actions, song "Rebel Against Thing") various venues, late 90‘s - mid 00’s, including for The Paper People, Harder Faster Louder, Kash Point.  The Tripod Visits... The Hospital (tripod action, grapes, photo story) for LR, UCLH, 2007.  Paper Cameras (tripod, mixed media, ephemera give-aways) Shoot series, Star of Bethnal Green, London, 2008 (org Jim Warboy).  Hello Susan? (Where Is Susan?) short film (4m31s, B/W & C, partial sound) UK, 2008.  Susan’s Big Jump (tripod, words, song, open window, firework) Maggot performance night, Wolfgang Tillmans’ studio, London, 2008.  The Tripod Projects... Auntie Fame (printed image) also published in Gazelland Magazine - the photography issue - (NYC/USA) 2009.  A Visit From The Tripod (photo installation) t.a.g. galleries, Brussels 2009 (curator Link Leisure).  The Raft of Susan (tripods, tent, silver mat, dinghy) Susan's Camp group test site, Satellite Festival, Whitstable Biennale 2012.  My Guy Susan (tripods, black star cushion motif, printed fold outs) red studio, UCA Canterbury, 5.11.2012.  Silver Susan for Today's StudiOffices (appearance in silver hood dress, forming part of display) StudioLifeLines group show, atrium project space, docklands, London, part of Photomonth 2016.  ... Susan will return ...  

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Hello Susan ? (Where Is Susan ?) 

no sound short, 2008.