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3 June 2020: Talking about my mid-life anti-crisis, evolutions in images and why I'll always keep pushing the button. With recent photo stories, videos and samplers from new work. Plus there's that fantasy dinner party question... 

This Dark Spring (3min48, partial sound, poem, March - May 2020, London UK, A M Hanson) ... daydreaming in the park during Covid-19 era #lockdown ... #shortfilm #poem #dream #thisdarkspring #amhanson 

photo story, Fitzrovia News London, 25 3 2020

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#repost • @meantimebushwick - A M Hanson ‘Keep The Home Fires Burning’ - image made on spring equinox 2020 & message for ‘in the meantime’ IG / web show, Meantime Co. Brooklyn New York. •

This Spring, in London, anywhere, couldn’t come quickly enough it seems. The parks here remain open, for now, much relief locally. But it’s touch and go, literally. As the weeks become warmer and people will want to try to be out more, connected to some form of life, these spaces will be even more of a life line. Vital. Or else towns and cities may well implode. Let’s keep our distance people. Let’s keep our parks and open spaces OPEN. Breathe Easy 🌟Whether out or in, remember Spring itself begins on the inside ———————— • 

“in solidarity and tribute to all both inside and out, and to the life affirming joy that is Spring itself. Keep Safe & Keep Shining 👁🕯👁” •
Part of an ongoing photo & video series ‘Bud Systems’ a paganistic city based nature project. @a.m.hanson • 

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photo contributions for Richard Torry's If You Want To Visit You Are Welcome, But You Will Be Expected To Help With The Work. incomplete archives (1977-2019). show & book, Goswell Road, Paris Spring 2020.

wonderful to have some of my photos from the '90's (mainly here) and beyond of Richard and his various always exciting collaborators, including Louise Prey, Un Homme et Une Femme, Leigh Bowery, Minty and others, in this show and book. Alas the great looking installation in Paris closed early due to the current global situation. So thank you to Richard, Anthony Stephinson & Goswell and Mr Postman for getting copies through. It's an excellent interview exchange and the spreads and layouts marvellously put Torry's life thus far and always cutting through the edge work projects, from fashion to music and performance, into fun and insightful perspective and documentation. 

check out for installation views and to keep abridge of their past and future projects, wonderful work. 

I've written a bit more on my IG and put some shots from my contributions up here     #richardtorry #minty #alexsparks #amhanson #goswellroadparis 


Fall of the Berlin Wall, November 1989

recollections and photo story sampler from my youth, 1989/2019

more archive, plus new photo stories @a.m.hanson

archive  updating


BBC News on gender law reform campaign

29 July 2019

pleased to see my recent photo of activist Jamie Windust outside the beeb has landed on the beeb ... featuring in this report

#genderlawreform #lgbtqrights #humanrights #currentaffairs #streetstyle #portraits #photoAMHanson #amhansonphotographer


20 June 2019: London, Moon Calling!

I’m taking part in The People’s Moon project to celebrate the 50th anniversary of #nasa #Apollo11 #MoonLanding ... Tonight between 9-10pm our giant Moon photo mosaic made up of thousands of moon memory contributions will light up Piccadilly Circus (the exact ‘the Eagle has landed’ time is 21:17pm BST) and on the big screens in Times Square NYC tonight. Check out the moon shine if you’re around ...

#thepeoplesmoon #1969 #birthyear #guidanceiseternal

magazines / publications

Portraits and photo stories of performers, artists, designers, writers and others published in magazines including;

Dance Theatre Journal, Gazelland (USA), GQ Style (SA), i-D, Time Out, Love Magazine, BBC News, online features, in culture/scene/music press. Work featured in art and fashion books and biographies including Alexander McQueen Fashion Visionary (Judith Watt, Goodman Books) & The Life and the Legacy (JW, Harper Design), Blood Beneath The Skin (Andrew Wilson, Simon & Schuster), Leigh Bowery (Robert Violette, various, Violette Editions), Leigh Bowery Verwandlungskünstler (ed. Angela Stief, various, Piet Meyer Verlag), Contemporary British Queer Performance (Stephen Greer, Palgrave Macmillan), We Love You (The Ambassadors, various, Booth Clibborn).

Alexander McQueen Blood Beneath the Skin (Andrew Wilson) Simon & Schuster, 2015 - images and words from interview

Leigh Bowery Verwandlungskünstler (ed. Angela Stief, various) Piet Meyer Verlag, 2015

Alexander McQueen The Life and The Legacy (Judith Watt) Harper Design, 2012

Alexander McQueen Fashion Visionary (Judith Watt, foreword by Daphne Guinness) Goodman Books, 2012  - includes pre fame social photos of Lee McQueen and thoughts

Contemporary British Queer Performance (Stephen Greer) Palgrave Macmillan, 2012

Leigh Bowery (Robert Violette, various) Violette Editions, 1998 - includes photographs of Bowery's last performance

We Love You (the @mbassadors, Martin Sexton, Paul Hitchman, various) Booth Clibborn, 1998 - collaboration with Richard Torry

archive photo work in books

some of these books also include some stories behind the images. Several of them are from my early time in London, though mainly published later, as I found my way around town and the people I was drawn to, who I admired in one or more shapes and forms. Usually the pictures were made quickly in social situations, sometimes on stage or a dance floor, other times in ad hoc studio set ups or outside. The moment creates it's own energy, rough and ready, sensual and warm, bright and fast. Finding beauty in the light and shade of the off beat and when things were very switched on too. No agenda just the energy of moment.

Looking back these guiding lights were amongst the characters that brought magic to the often dark and difficult yet exciting and inspiring 1990's London cityscape. And I thank them for that jolt, fun and farce - made me stronger, more alive. And thanks also to these authors and editors for giving my earlier work a wider light.