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Kate Dunn at TJ Boulting. 

report & photo story from Fitzrovia Arts Festival, June 2021.

Fitzrovia News

winter wonderland window for lockdown walks, photo story. #covid19eraparklife

Fitzrovia News  

Over Rooftops of Lockdown London.

my stir crazy christmas card for 2020.

Take a trip up Percy Passage, spot the hidden masks (our true visage?). With a nod to Dickens' Fitzrovia, painted backdrops of old east end pub stages, and the lights of The Dilly ... Star Light of the Season to All.  

This winter especially I'm supporting; The Trussell Trust

Alex wearing Missy Island paper masks & hats.

Lockdown flashback posts from (l) by Dave Swindells (Time Out), onboard The Tattershall Castle, London 2003, (m) by Ella Guru, at The Off Set photo shoot, London 1997, and (r) at a party in China Town London 1998. #missyisland 

3 July 2020
interview  WITH LOLA

A wide ranging Q&A, with Black Lives Matter London protests photo stories, This Dark Spring lockdown dream video and new samplers from The Blue Hours photo series.

March-May 2020

Daydreaming in the park during lockdown ...

spring equinox 2020 


Meantime Co NYC / group web show April 2020

25 March 2020

Covid-19 V Parklife: photo story & observations. #covid19eraparklife  

Fitzrovia News 

photo contributions for Richard Torry's If You Want To Visit You Are Welcome, But You Will Be Expected To Help With The Work. incomplete archives (1977-2019).

show & book, Goswell Road, Paris, Spring 2020.

Goswell Road

7 Jan 2020 ... PERIHELION* 🌞

Dawn. Golden Thing. Sun. THIS decade, you will test us the most. Of our days. Not your fault. Ours. You have been merciful.

... Are we awake enough yet? Can things be sharply, gigantically changed in, Time. Are we too caught up in mirrors to see, to know, enough. Will our lateness (to this decades old gathering of consciousness) be, too late. How long will our mercurial dance last with you ..?

... Our wings are smouldering. Thickly, sickly, as we fly. Closer to you. Blinded by the light. We forgot ourselves. We forgot EARTH. We forgot to love her when we speak her name. We washed her hair too hard. Dried out her skin. We poisoned her perfume. We made her a whore. She is our Mother.

... We are not bees. We know it. We are led by fools. We made them. We are fools. Our make up, cracked and drying, flakes away from our sides. We cannot shield our eyes, not any more. ... Vanity.

50 years I am here. 50 years since the last generation oiled tin cans, shot Apollo to the Moon. Icarus came back. We made it. We were ‘clever’, Lucky. We saw the Earth rise. We did not rise ourselves. Like a dream in black and white flickering into colour. A marker lost in time and space. We have known since ‘then’. At least. I sat and watched the softly yearning wishes from alert voices through the TV as a child. Warnings like raindrops. They said we must change. We were deaf to these pictures. They echoed as we echo, louder now.

... Distracted, still, we panic. We fight, we compete, we burn. OUT.

... Let your rays of wanton waves fire our souls to fury well matched by better hearts and speed. You have thrown down your flaming arrows, we recoiled but did not see, the scorched earth. You will throw down more. Have mercy on our madness.

... “The best is always yet to come” The worst?

... There is still LIGHT. Kiss your child. Ignite our Love.


*The Earth has just passed Perihelion. The closest point in it's orbit to the Sun. Image: via @nasasolarsystem

29 July 2019

LGBT groups and celebrities call for gender law reform.

photo of writer and activist Jamie Windust. 

BBC News


20 June 2019: London, Moon Calling!

I’m taking part in The People’s Moon project to celebrate the 50th anniversary of #nasa #Apollo11 #MoonLanding ... Tonight between 9-10pm our giant Moon photo mosaic made up of thousands of moon memory contributions will light up Piccadilly Circus (the exact ‘the Eagle has landed’ time is 21:17pm BST) and on the big screens in Times Square NYC tonight. Check out the moon shine if you’re around ...

The People's Moon

magazines / publications

Portraits and photo stories of performers, artists, designers, writers and others published in magazines including; Dance Theatre Journal, Gazelland (USA), GQ Style (SA), i-D, Time Out, Love Magazine, BBC News, online features, in culture/scene/music press.

Work featured in art and fashion books and biographies including Alexander McQueen Fashion Visionary (Judith Watt, Goodman Books) & The Life and the Legacy (JW, Harper Design), Blood Beneath The Skin (Andrew Wilson, Simon & Schuster), Leigh Bowery (Violette Editions), Leigh Bowery Verwandlungskünstler (ed. Angela Stief, various, Piet Meyer Verlag), Contemporary British Queer Performance (Stephen Greer, Palgrave Macmillan), We Love You (The Ambassadors, various, Booth Clibborn) and exhibition publications.

Alexander McQueen Blood Beneath the Skin (Andrew Wilson) Simon & Schuster, 2015 - images and interview

Leigh Bowery Verwandlungskünstler (ed. Angela Stief, various) Piet Meyer Verlag, 2015

Alexander McQueen The Life and The Legacy (Judith Watt) Harper Design, 2012

Alexander McQueen Fashion Visionary (Judith Watt, foreword by Daphne Guinness) Goodman Books, 2012  - includes pre fame social photos of Lee McQueen and interview

Contemporary British Queer Performance (Stephen Greer) Palgrave Macmillan, 2012

Leigh Bowery (Robert Violette, various) Violette Editions, 1998 - includes photographs of Bowery's last performance

We Love You (the @mbassadors, Martin Sexton, Paul Hitchman, various) Booth Clibborn, 1998 - collaboration with Richard Torry

alexcalledsimon pamphlets & printed matter - Susan Tripod, Missy island, etc, 90's/00's

archive photo work in books

Some of these books also include some stories behind the images. Several of them are from my early time in London, though mainly published later, as I found my way around town and the people I was drawn to, who I admired in one or more shapes and forms. Usually the pictures were made quickly in social situations, sometimes on stage or a dance floor, other times in ad hoc studio set ups or outside. The moment creates it's own energy, rough and ready, sensual and warm, bright and fast. Finding beauty in the light and shade of the off beat and when things were very switched on too. No agenda just the energy of moment.

Looking back these guiding lights were amongst the characters that brought magic to the often dark and difficult yet exciting and inspiring 1990's London cityscape. And I thank them for that jolt, fun and farce - made me stronger, more alive. And thanks also to these authors and editors for giving my earlier work a wider light.