This Dark Spring  (3min48, partial sound, poem, March - May 2020, London UK, A M Hanson) ... daydreaming in the park during Covid-19 era lockdown ...

Xeric Pattern 5 / XP5. music: Dale Cornish (Entr'acte label), film: A M Hanson

Xeric Pattern 4 / XP4. music: Dale Cornish (Entr'acte label), film: A M Hanson

Xeric Pattern 3 Live at Cafe Oto / XP3. music: Dale Cornish (Entr'acte label), video: A M Hanson

An Office Plant in Winter  part of An Office Foyer in Winter  installation (monitor video) UCA 

Hello Susan? Where is Susan? a question & a short film (archive, 2008) 

Our Genes (Have No Labels) lyrics, vocal: Alex Sparks / A M Hanson. music & production: Hono Lulu (archive, 1992)